Sell With Us

At The Eclectic Collective, we can offer many benefits to our sellers.

If you would like to vend with us, we ask our vendors for three main things as a part of their contract:  rent charged by the square foot, time worked in the store based on the square footage of your booth, and a percentage of your sales. 

For details on current rates and to see if booths or display cases are available to rent, please contact us via email at  Please include a brief summary of your experience in the resale business, the types of merchandise that you sell, and, if possible, photos of a booth in another antiques store or a market where you have sold.

Why vend with us?  At The Eclectic Collective, we employ the classic antiques mall business model with an added focus on ensuring our store is well equipped for the digital age.  Our location is well-loved and established as an antiques mall.  We are nestled in between the Cole Valley, Haight Ashbury, and Inner Richmond neighborhoods of San Francisco California.

We strive to foster a collaborative environment among our dealers.  We help each other because we know that we're all in this together, and when one of us does well, it brings us all up.

In addition to having an established reputation as a brick and mortar store, we're working extremely hard to build a strong presence online, with a focus on streamlining our sales process to make it easy for you to list your items on multiple different selling platforms and leverage the different audiences built upon each one. 

Here are the online sales channels where customers can purchase our goods:

  The Eclectic Collective Shop on Chairish Chairish is a curated high end online marketplace for home decor frequented by designers and design enthusiasts.  Find our store on Chairish at

Our own homepage

EBay one of the oldest online marketplaces for selling antique, vintage, and used items on the internet today.  Many of our furniture and large items available for purchase on Ebay.  Many of our smalls will be published once we've finished working out our shipping rates.


Instagram - COMING SOON

Facebook - Although we are still working out a few kinks, our pieces are available to purchase through our Business Facebook Page's Store, and they show up in Facebook Marketplace.

Google - We are investigating whether selling on google shopping tab and other channels is a good fit for our store.
Amazon - We are investigating whether selling certain categories of our items on Amazon is a good fit for our store.

Pinterest - A largely visual social medium, pinterest leverages the appeal of the beauty of our merchandise.